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Some incidents are best forgotten. Even this one. Many a times, I have decided to blog it and have given up. It is one of those sinister memories that have brought me shame, to my people and my country. 

It occurred when I was returning from MTTS. The train journey from Bangalore to my home was almost over. I got down at Kalyan station and headed towards a local train to Mulund. 

The platform was awfully crowded in spite of being a Sunday. I had huge luggage with me but somehow managed to get inside the compartment. 
Mulund is six stations from Kalyan and my journey would take at least half an hour. The crowd was pushing me from all sides. There was a huge giant fellow near me. I overheard him boasting in Marathi to another guy. Besides them was a girl leaning on one side near the door. The way the guy facing her was surrounding her, I guessed him to be her (boy) friend or brother. (Later, I came to know that he was her brother). Then there was a pygmy who, being hit by the crowd the most, was trying to free himself. He asked the crowd in Hindi, “Bhai saab, Mulund aane ko kitne station hain?”

By his accent the pygmy seemed North Indian, typically called bhaiya in the Bambaiya slang.
“Abey, thik se khada nahi reh sakta kya?” the brother shouted at the pygmy, and shouted back some Marathi abuses. The other Maharashtrian guys soon joined him in the ‘abuse-session.’ He implored pleadingly, muttering “maine kya kiya?” but the mob was in no mood to listen. Soon, the boorish bro was furious. He showered a hell of abuses and God knows why, he started slapping the bhaiya.
Not a single person tried to interrupt. Who would like to endure the wrath of this demonaic incubus! My head drooped in shame as I heard the pygmy bhaiya cry, “maine kya kiya… bolo bhai.. Aap bataao.” I was standing besides him. I mustured courage and told, “Jaane do, tumhara time hi kharaab hai aisa samjho.” That must have imbibed some sense in him, for, he did not argue back.. just sobbed.
I recounted this incident to my pappa, who had come to the station to recieve me. He replied back that such incidents are quite commonplace and its in one’s best interest to remain indifferent to the situation. Both of us gave each other a dismal nod of helplessness. I returned home, glad to see mom and sister, completely forgetting the train incident.
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With the onset of monsoons in the suburbs of Mumbai, the futile efforts of the BMC against the rains have been yet again exposed. Rain has always been a setback for the infrastructure in the city. The railway, which reaches out to millions a day and moves tonnes of luggage, and which makes us Indians proud (cf. Megacities – Mumbai on Discovery Channel), stands vulnerable to the monsoons.
Every single year, politicians including the city’s mayor claim that the problem is under control. But the common man knows it better than anyone else. Central Railway was halted for the second time in the last fortnight. And the rains have just begun. God knows how many more days we are going to see the rail-breakdown.

Taken today morning from a CST-bound train near Buyculla station. I deeply regret not being able to carry my Nikon. See a bigger photo here.

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First of all, to my blog follower friends, I am sorry for not being able to blog since a long time. The MTTS programme, followed by the ongoing VSRP is indeed making me fumble for time.

It is curious, as to how I got time to write this post today, in spite of the VSRP. As it happens, I left early (8.30 is early for me) to go to Mulund station. It was more than crowded; it was bursting with people. Mill workers, students, office goers, dabbawalas, all of them. ‘There must have been some problem’ I thought. After some inquiry, I came to know that the overhead cables had tripped and trains were running only on the fast track. A common sight in the Central suburbs. (Western guys, I envy you!)

Suddenly, two guys headed at me and pointed out a mike towards me and asked me what I was feeling. “Zee 24 hours” the mike read. “Ohh, even the reporters have come to add to the existing crowd here” I said to myself. My friend quipped, that I should say something, and I would be on TV. Now knowing what to say, I smiled. (A poor choice of expression, coz they wanted some red angry irritated frustated faces!) I said that I did not know what the exact problem was and was waiting for the train since half an hour.

Another guy besides me started abusing the Railways and the mike and video were diverted to him. “Yeh to hamesha ka natak hai! Abhi toh baarish nahi, fir bhi trains band hain. Mulund station pe to hamesha trains rakhadte hain. Dekho, 2 min pehele announcement hua Thane train ka, aur aaya Kalyan ka train…” His anguish knew no bounds. Someone shouted, “Mamata Banarjee – Haai Haai” but the slogan-cry soon damped as there were not many to join him in his naarebazi.

The reporters seemed happy. They had got some masala footage. Vinayak decided to reach his office on his bike. Manan went to his Mahesh Tutorials’ branch at Mulund west.  I came back home.

It is really good to look out of the window, see the drizzle and do what you like. Maths. Or online chess. Or blogging.
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