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Having read about bald eagles being spotted near the Wabash river in the local newspaper, Rodrigo and I decided to go for the bird-hunting bird-watching. The bald eagle also happens to be the national bird of America. Here are a few pictures. (PS: I was happy that they are very similar to the Wiki pics)

The bald eagle near Wabash river

With its sharp eyesight, it spots a fish in the lake

Diving to catch its prey


Devouring the prey

Relaxing royally

Outside my window in my Williamsburg apartment, I can see migratory birds coming southward in search of warmer climates. One such bird is the seagull. On a typical winter day, there are around thirty odd seagulls hovering around the lake spotting fish. Its fantastic to watch them – one of them spots a fish and grabs it and some others try to get it from that gull. Here’s one pic.

A seagull catching a fish

Amar got a new tripod stand for his camera. So it was time for some fun. We also clicked some astro-photographs and some panoramas that will be uploaded some other time.

Originally uploaded by abhishekparab

Last week, I returned from my native place. It is located at Pendur village, Malvan in Sindhudurga district of Maharashtra. The entire coastal strip Malvan, of Maharashtra is a place of scenic beauty. There are many breath-taking beaches and photogenic palm trees. Konkan is also famous for the Alphonso or the haapus mangoes. The only problem is that tourism has not yet been developed there (and perhaps, will never be)
Poor hygenic facilities, ancestral feuds and lack of infrastructure and communication facilities had made me stay away from my native place since my school days. So, I hardly recollected the place. Along with Pendur, we also visited Achra, Bhagwantgad and Sindhudurga fort at Malvan. The trip was fabulous as it gave a boost to my photography. Here are some of the clicks that I don’t think I have uploaded on my Flickr account.
The ‘chosen’ one
Sunset at Sindhudurga fort – I love the elegance. The sunset… It looks as if the sun is about to fall off the cliff…
 Edited using Google Picasa. One of my favourite macros.
Cute kid
Achra river
Does it remind of Swades movie?
The ‘chosen’ one, again!
Sunset. Here‘s one in a different setting.
Love the clouds.
Flora at its best !!
View from Bhagwantgad fort.
The next week, I am going to Mysore, so that means, some more photography!!
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A picture says a million words, so let the image do the talking..
Location: Mumbai, India.
Date taken: 10th March, 09.

Resolution: 3264×2448 pixels
Camera model: Nikon Coolpix L18
Focal Length: 6mm
Exposure: 1/500sec

ISO Speed: ISO-64

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It was a great week for amateur astronomers like me. This week, Lulin was closest to the Earth and I could chance to see it through Amar‘s binoculars. It was the second comet I have ever seen, next to Hale-Bopp in 1995.
Today, my friend-cum-astronomer Amar reminded me that the Queen of planets, Venus was to have a date with the Moon of the Earth, so it was a treat for many astronomers and a still ‘grand’er treat for those astronomers who are also photographers. These are some of the photos I took today evening.
PS: The conjunction must have been better seen in the other side of the globe, because it can be seen that Venus is much more closer to the Moon in the pic (taken in the US) on Phil’s blog.

Click on the photos to view them at a larger resolution in Full Screen.

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You are about to see a new label on my blog now… Its PHOTOGRAPHY!

I developed this hobby at my vacation to Kerala , when a few of my newly-made trip friends started clicking flowers with a large zoom… Back home, I googled and came to know, that its called Macro-photography.

The classical definition is that the image photo must be larger than or equal to the actual size of the subject.

I clicked some macro pics with a Panasonic Lumix 3.2 Mpx digital camera, that I have uploaded below. Some more are found at my Flickr account (

Now, I have a Nikon Coolpix L18 camera that I ordered from the US, so watch out for more photographs!

Without further ado, I present you, the macro pics shot by me at Kerala:
(PS: To zoom them, just click on the desired image)

The Pentagon: My first macro photograph

The ants were frigntening at such a close-up!

Pink Petal – The green leaves and brown mud goes very well..
Not a very good one, nevertheless, one of my first attempts at macro photography.


Personally, I am a great fan of Google. But in this article, I’m going to give an unbiased comparison between the two leading photo sharing softwares, Google’s Picasa Web Albums and Yahoo Flickr.
All comparisons are being made for FREE USERS (non-paying) only.

  • Storage space: Picasa offers 1Gb in all, Flickr beats Picasa in it, Flickr offers 100Mb per month, so total unlimited space.
  • Photo size: Each image in Flickr can be atmost of 5Mb whereas images upto 10Mb are allowed in Picasa.
  • Albums: A free Flickr user can create just 3 albums (Flickr calls it ‘Sets’) but there is no such limitation in Picasa. I think this is a major setback for Flickr, since it would be very difficult for someone with say 1000 photos to classify in three groups only.
  • Limited Sharing: This is the most important feature that I am looking for. This means that you can share photos only to your family/friends and not to anyone on the web. Both Flickr and Picasa have this facility of showing your ‘personal’-tagged photos only to your contacts, but my google contacts are more and ‘frequently used’. I have hardly any Yahoo friends, so I think this a bit painful. Nevertheless, I have uploaded my Kerala pics and you can see them here. If you are my Flickr friend, you can see more Kerala photos. MY FLICKR ALBUM
  • Face detection: In Picasa, it automatically detects human faces (unexpectedly accurately) and with a single click, you can relate the persons in the photos to Gmail’s contacts. The result is just fantastic! Flickr doesn’t have this feature.
  • Better search: Flickr has a search by camera, an interesting feature that Picasa misses!

Finally, I think one important feature of Picasa is that we generally use a lot of Google stuff (Docs, orkut, youtube, blog, websearch) so our contacts are usually on Gmail, hence photos can be shared easily. Not everyone is comfortable or uses a yahoo account!

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