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I just finished watching The Silence of The Lambs (1991).  Starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, it is probably the first of its kind and has won many Academy Awards. The mystery thriller is rated 8.6/10 on IMDB so you can imagine how amazing it would be.

It might be just me but I find an uncanny resemblance with The Call (2013) starring Halle Berry. I watched it yesterday; the story is about a 911 call. Both movies involve psychopath killers, a kidnapped girl and a female cop. In The Silence …, Jodie Foster is an FBI agent whereas Halle Berry is a 911 operator. Both movies are centered around rescuing the victim. Both movies end with cops being misled to the wrong location whereas the actress locates the right house, barges in alone without any reinforcements, is about to be killed by the perpetrator but finally manages to overpower the bad guy!

Too much for coincidence? !!


Tailpiece: I just came across the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language – Esperanto.

Today, I saw the Fast and Furious – 4 at R-Mall, after shelling out 160 bucks. Surely the movie was not worth it! But it was a big VNIT gang was watching the movie together, making other viewers’ life miserable. Watch the trailer to get a feel.

Overall rating:

Watch it if you are a speed freak, a biker or a sports vehiches’ lover. Better download it from the LAN and watch it for free. Otherwise, give it a miss!
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There is an old song by Mukesh which has inspired me since my childhood. I love the music and lyrics of the song very much; they are quite inspiring. The song tells us that as humans, we must care for other humans, spread love and compassion, sacrifice for others’ smile and share someone’s pain. Indeed, this is (the way of) life!
Here, I present that song, which is from the movie Anari:

किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार
किसी का दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार
किसी के वास्ते हो तेरे दिल में प्यार
जीना इसी का नाम है

माना अपनी जेब से फ़कीर हैं
फिर भी यारों दिल के अमीर हैं

मिटे जो प्यार के लिए वो ज़िन्दगी
जले बहार के लिए वो ज़िन्दगी
किसी को हो न हो हमें तो ऐतबार
जीना इसी का नाम है

रिश्ता दिल से दिल के ऐतबार का
ज़िन्दा है हमी से नाम प्यार का

के मर के भी किसी को याद आयेंगे
किसी के आँसूओ में मुस्कुरायेंगे
कहेगा फूल हर कली से बार बार
जीना इसी का नाम है

A rough translation of the song is-

To offer oneself up for someone’s smiles,
To take a loan from someone’s grief,
To hold love for others in your heart,
This is what life is all about.
Granted, we are poor of means
Even then, we are rich at heart.
Life is, when it makes way for love
Life is, when it lights up for the spring
This we believe, though others may not
That this is what life is all about  
Of hearts related only by trust
The word ‘love’ lives on because of us
That we will live on in someone’s thoughts,
That we will smile, hidden in someone’s tears,
Such that a flower will teach every blossoming bud,
That this is what life is all about…

Its youtube link is this.

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