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I recently suffered from a mandible fracture and had a wired jaw for six weeks wherein I could only drink liquids. After removing the rubber-bands and braces, I went to India for the subsequent dental treatment. In this post, I describe the do’s and don’ts while recovering a mandible fracture. It is mainly a description of my experiences.

Nerve damage causes numbness – I realized that I lose sensation in some parts of the cheek. It probably is because of nerve damage because of the accident impact. Most likely it will heal within an year (mine took just a month) but there are instances of numbness never going away.

Talking with a closed mouth – In the first week, I was not able to talk clearly and it would pain after talking continuously for few minutes. By the third week, I became an expert in talking with a closed jaw. By the fifth week people couldn’t notice any abnormality unless they peeked and saw the metal braces.

A compete liquid diet – This is described in details in this post. Keep in mind that you would lose upto 10% of your body weight due to no solid intake. (In retrospect, I think it was good to lose the few extra pounds I had always wanted to. But staying hungry for a month was not easy).

Mixer – If you don’t have one, get one!

Emergency – DON’T PANIC. Carry scissors all the time. If you are suffocating, then chop off the rubber-bands. (The doc never told me this).

Oral hygiene – Brush with a soft toothbrush. Rinse (with mouthwash) after every major liquid intake. Use lukewarm salt water.

Fighting Depression – The two days between the accident and surgery were the worst as I didn’t know the future of my jaws. After the surgery it was a relief to know there was not permanent damage but the first few days were disturbing. I frequently went to the introspect-mode and used to feel hopeless.

Elastic band – My rubber bands lost elasticity because of yawning, coughing and talking. After 2-3 weeks, the doc fixed more bands.

Internet – The internet is a very useful resource. Once you suffer from something, you read every relevant bit of information you can find and become an expert in it. I think I am an expert in mandible fractures. About fora (forums), there are people who suffered similar accidents and believe me, what you are suffering would most probably be someone else’s problem too. It feels good to find people who suffered similarly and with whom you can connect yourself. But beware, people have suffered worse problems so it might not be necessary to panic for every trauma someone else had.

Healing – It’s obvious that everyone’s healing process is different. It depends on your fracture type, the doctors’ treatment and your own physical health.

Complete recovery – A month of no brushing decays teeth, also the accident may have caused dental damage. So after removing the braces is a good time to see a dentist. I had my root canal done in India because dental care there is excellent (and of course, inexpensive). Since the jaw was shut for weeks, the mouth muscles have lost their elasticity and it takes months to open the jaw completely.



Tailpiece – If you are suffering from a mandible fracture and wish to get in touch, just leave a comment and I shall be glad to offer any help. After all, a bro is what a bro does!

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