I’ve imagined many things on my blog – mathematics, chess, cricket, India, the US, good movies.. Culinary recipes is so not a thing I imagined on my blog! I think I owe an apology. Firstly, this post is not a precursor to future gastronomic blog posts. (The label: food starts with the liquid diet I used to have with the wired jaw, and ends with this post on the tawa chicken.) Secondly, I am blogging this because Shashank was desperately looking for  an easy chicken recipe and this is the answer. Without further ado, here we go.

  • Thaw chicken and rub it with limejuice, salt, pepper, chilly powder (& turmeric?)
  • Marinade for say, two hours
  • Bake over aluminium foil (make holes in the chicken with a fork / knife so it cooks uniformly) at 350F for about 20-25 min
  • (While baking, ensure that the chicken is enclosed in the foil like an air-tight bag)
  • Let it sit unopened for 15 min
  • (Don’t throw away the juices! They are going to be your gravy. If you’re a low-fat person who discards these fat juices, this dish isn’t meant for you)
  • Fry (three) chopped onions in oil (long time, till it turns golden brown)
  • Add two chopped tomatoes to it
  • Copious amount of garam masala (गोडा मसाला), enough chilli powder and reasonable amount of salt. Keep mixing till you get semi-solid state
  • Open the chicken foil bag and peel off chicken slices vertically. Put it back in the juice
  • After frying the onion-tomato mixture, add chicken
  • Based on the consistency you want, add the juice
  • Cook for about 15 minutes
  • Serve hot!