Today was the first day after my prelims that I met Dr. Shahidi. He earlier advised me to take a break after the advanced topics so I could start research afresh. I also recently found his Wikipedia page (albeit a stub) – . A more relevant Wiki-link about his work is – I hope one day I’ll edit these pages to add sources and more relevant material.

Our conversation was quite pleasant. He had some things in mind he wanted me to work on. He told me to go over “L-packets” and “A-packets” and other technical stuff; gave references where I could read about it. We discussed about my general PhD goal. “Your (research) problem should not be too difficult to be unable to solve”, he said. On asking if I’d like my work to be “Algebra or Analysis”, I instantly replied “Algebra!” although I should know that Number Theory uses tools from all branches of mathematics (including PDE 🙂 )

I have known Shahidi for his dry sarcastic wit and today’s conversation ended with a remarkable quip. He told me, “Keep me informed, don’t run away!”