This post is for my friends (especially in India) who read about my accident from an earlier post and have been concerned about my well-being.

I had multiple fractures in my jaw and after a surgery, my mouth was wired shut for nearly six weeks. For six weeks, life was pathetic. I couldn’t eat solid food (hence the post on liquid diet) and lost lots of kilos. A stifled cough, no yawning and a mouth-explosion every time I sneezed — it was a miserable experience and I hope you never have to go through it. Just yesterday, the agony was put an end to, as the doctor removed the rubber-bands.

I can now open my mouth albeit partially (a finger-width) but enough to pass a toothbrush through. Brushing and being able to talk after six weeks was quite relieving. The surgery to remove braces will take place next week. My wrist injury is also slowly healing. The total healing of the mouth will take a couple of months. Hanging in there,


Before going to the doctor to get the rubber-bands removed