If you have a broken molar or a fractured jaw and are looking for a liquid diet, welcome! This is quite the place for you.

I recently fractured my jaw and can consume only liquids since my jaw is wired. (See this post for details). I was not quite satisfied with the search results for “complete liquid diet”, “what to eat with a fractured jaw”, “nutrients in liquid form” et al so I Google-searched a little and am writing this post for the benefit of someone with a wired jaw.


There are six nutrients that the  human body requires – carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. They are all required for a healthy living. While excessive intake of some of them is okay, for some others it can be dangerous. For example, excessive water is drained in the form of urine whereas excess of fats can lead to complications. Carbohydrates (mainly glucose, starch, sugars, fibres) are used for producing energy. Proteins are mainly used for body-building. Fats are necessary also for producing energy and as energy reserves among other uses. It is a not true that consumption of saturated fats leads to coronary heart diseases. See the “French paradox” as a counterexample.

Liquid foods and nutrients

Below, I list some commonly available liquid foods and the main nutrients they provide. It is likely that one consumes them when chewing is a problem. If you have a fractured jaw or broken teeth or something similar, you might find this list useful. If so, cooked food intake is reduced so consuming fats is recommended.

Ice cream

Its a crime to not love ice cream. It contains sugars, fats and cholesterol. (About cholesterol, its deficiency causes no damage but excess can be dangerous). If you are on a liquid diet then the fat consumption might have decreased so ice cream can be a blessing in disguise.

Muscle shake / protein drink

Also known as bodybuilding supplements, they are usually taken by sportsmen and body-builders. They contain (mainly) proteins (and vitamins and minerals) and are used in muscle-building.

Soups (Added 6 July, ’12)

The crazier things you blend in a mixer, crazier will your stories be when you narrate them later. My friend Kate in Math boasted of blending pizza when she felt the urge to taste it. Using water, milk and chicken-broth, one can almost blend any solid food. One good method is to cook vegetables in a pressure cooker with a lot of water, then crush it in a mixer, filter the juice and consume the soup. Add masala depending on your choice. I used to drink even pulses (legumes) by this method since I realized my protein intake was sub-normal.


Milk contains various essential nutrients and I’d highly recommend it in any and every form. But better than raw milk is milkshake made from different fruits and vegetables. It is described later in details.

Buttermilk & Yogurt

Yogurt has Carb+Fat+Protein+Vitamin+calcuim. Buttermilk has Carb+Protein+calcuim.

Raw egg with milk (Edited on 6 July)

Screw those nutritionists who discourage the practice of eating raw eggs. Desperate times need desperate measures. Eggs are excellent sources of proteins. Three eggs a day keep your hunger away.


If you have a mixer or grinder or blender, then making your own milkshake is the best. Plus, you have the choice of fruit or vegetable. The nutrients depend on what you are adding. Feel free to try your own combinations. The stuff that I usually put in my milkshakes is –

Watermelon (also, cantaloupe (muskmelon) and honeydew)




Strawberry (also blackberry and blueberry but they contain little seeds)

(Readymade) Fruit / vegetable juice

They contain Vitamins (A, C, …), calcium and (a lot of) salt. Calcium is good for bones and particularly useful if you have a fractured bone.

(Readymade) Fruit punch / smoothie

You get such stuff at Walmart. It is a juice of different fruits. Mainly contains carbohydrates (fibres) and vitamins.


If you are on liquid diet only, then perhaps the liquid intake might have taken your thirst away. But its most essential that you drink enough water. Its one food where one can say – more the merrier.

Gatorade + protein water

This is an alternative for the Fat naysayers. I believe fats are as essential as other foodstuffs so don’t recommend surviving only on these.

Baby food

I haven’t really tried this but may test it soon. It seems it would be easy to digest. Let me know your opinion about baby-foods.

Tailpiece / Your help

Once Google has hashed this article, it will be available in its searches. Who knows some random guy/gal might find it useful. So please add your suggestions in making this a comprehensive list. The better suggestions will be added to the post (with the posters’ names!)