I gifted myself a bicycle on my birthday recently. Its a cool Trex 7.2 hybrid bike. Quite expensive but I just got back my income tax returns. So these days, running has taken a setback and biking (bicycling) has been the new sport.

It was a lazy Sunday evening when I set out for a long bike journey. It was sunny with hardly any winds, an ideal weather for biking. I biked for about 25 kilometers without stopping. I found a place for kayaking and canoeing and inquired about the rates and all. I must have been 8 miles from home when all of a sudden the weather changed. It got very windy and riding became difficult. The clouds were picturesque. Here is a picture –

At the signal, a guy got down from his car and offered me a ride. I politely declined and thanked. Least did I predict the thunderstorm that would follow. It started drizzling and soon was pouring. My home was just 3 miles away from there but seeing that I might not make it in this heavy rain, I took shelter. As in the past¹, I called up Dabadghao for help. He was surprised I went biking as he just saw a thunderstorm and flood warning on the TV. I gave him my coordinates and he said he’d do something. He had a friend with a car having a bike-stand on it. I waited for them to rescue me. It was getting darker and colder. But since the rain subsided and he would take time to arrange the car, we decided I would ride back home. Here are iPhone screenshots of the weather and my biking stats till that point.

Note to self (lessons learnt)

  • Excessive dependence on the weather app to be avoided.
  • iPhone seems water-proof to some extent. Still should carry a plastic bag.
  • Although it adds to the bike weight, should carry the bicycle lock.

The journey ended at Dabad’s home with we both enjoying the spicy Thai chicken curry he prepared. Another adventure comes to an end!

¹ Earlier, I have called Dabad on numerous occasions asking for sundry help. Unlike the irreliable Avdhut, he has always helped.