Having read about bald eagles being spotted near the Wabash river in the local newspaper, Rodrigo and I decided to go for the bird-hunting bird-watching. The bald eagle also happens to be the national bird of America. Here are a few pictures. (PS: I was happy that they are very similar to the Wiki pics)

The bald eagle near Wabash river

With its sharp eyesight, it spots a fish in the lake

Diving to catch its prey


Devouring the prey

Relaxing royally

Outside my window in my Williamsburg apartment, I can see migratory birds coming southward in search of warmer climates. One such bird is the seagull. On a typical winter day, there are around thirty odd seagulls hovering around the lake spotting fish. Its fantastic to watch them – one of them spots a fish and grabs it and some others try to get it from that gull. Here’s one pic.

A seagull catching a fish