Since the focus of the last few posts has shifted from Mathematics to my life in the US, the stats show an increase in number of visitors. But I must add a word of caution, that soon enough, Math posts will be seen more.

A couple of months ago, Moka invited me to his place at Mountain View near San Francisco in California in December. (This is the link to his blog where you can find crazy stuff, although many good posts have been deleted). Winter in the south (southern parts of US) are much warmer unlike that at Purdue so many Americans throughout the country go southwards for Christmas and New Year.

I stayed there for a little more than a week and I could meet Ameya, who returned to India as I left SF, just in time for his birthday back home. At Ameya’s place, I went for “jacuzzi“, which is a bathtub with massaging jets. It was a Godawesome experience and hopefully I will be able to enjoy it again some time. The five of us, Moka, Ameya, Vartak, Lala and me had a great time pulling each others’ legs. The bakra however, was Vartak as usual.

Moka took me for local sightseeing on weekends and although he had seen most of the places, he didn’t mind accompanying me again. I visited the Golden Gate, the fisherman’s wharf, Burns State Park, Stanford University and more. We also went to the elegant Ghirardelli factory where I grabbed as many dark chocolates (only for me) as I could. Then there were the Cheesecake Factory where Penny of The Big Bang Theory works (I had hoped to get a glimpse of her :P) and the Bubba-Gump Shrimp Co of the Forrest Gump fame. Photos have been uploaded here

But the part of California I enjoyed the most was that I could run without heavy winter clothes, in bright sunshine along breathtakingly beautiful trails. I ran almost everyday, taking Ameya too with me when I could.  The last day there, I knew I was going to miss running so frequently in Purdue winter, that I beat my previous running record. Within an hour and a half, I ran along the trail from near Moka’s home to Google HQ at Mountain View and back, covering 8.5 miles! That is over 13 kilometers! You can have a look at the iPhone running app’s page here.

I returned to Purdue today and the snow has shown its true colours, rather colour – White! Roads, grass, treetops all are covered with pure white snow. And I am now gearing up for the cold winter, the vacation at SF has been a great refresher to begin the new semester with.