😛 and 😀 were having sipping coffee and playing a game of Chess. I happened to watch the position and was quite amused with the board position.

Black just played his fourth move. Find a game.

Me: Hey are you two making a mistake? 😛 is white and he should start the game. And where are your knights?

😛 : It was I who started all right.

😀 : I just played my fourth move!

😛 : Can you guess how we could have come up at this position?

Me: Worth trying. (I try for some time, find the solution and then walk away).

\boxed{ \text{ Come up with a game with above diagram after Black's fourth move.}}

(I returned back after some time only to find the following position on the chessboard)

Black played his fifth move. Find a game.

Me: What are you guys up to now? All the knights are gone!

😛 : We started a new game now. I am black now and just played my fifth move.

😀 : Can you guess the moves we played?

\boxed{ \text{ Five complete moves done. Find a game.}}