😛 has left the lab computer without signing off his Gmail account. You are excited to avenge all his misdoings including that unforgivable lab incident; but can’t really decide the extent of turmoil. Try doing some or all of the following things:-

  • Delete all mails and clear trash (God forgive you)
  • Send an “I-love-you” message to all :P’s frequently mailed female contacts.
  • Message :P’s family and friends saying that somehow suicide seems the only option
  • Start chatting with all online contacts. Past chats may help.
  • Mail all contacts that windows7sux@gmail.com is my ( :P’s) new email id.
  • Send random waves to all (requires Google Wave invite)
  • Send an offliner to oft-chatters that they are on the verge of getting blocked
  • Open Picasa gallery and comment on others’ pics, how dumb they look in front of a camera
  • Subscribe the email address to porn sites (nasty one)
  • Open Google Web history, print-screen and save the most wicked searches 😛 ever did and blackmail him if he tries to thrash you for doing the above things!

Help needed to expand this list!