The ‘continuous evaluation’ in the forms of all-time quizzes and mid-sem had sucked all the fun out of the students. Riddhi’s comment “Some day, this is gonna end!” tells us it all. So, the entire maths class was looking forward to the picnic at Karnala.

The options we had were Arnala (beach) and Karnala (fort and birds sanctuary) and it was decided to opt for Karnala as the ‘450 m’ trek seemed to make the trip adventurous. The plan was chalked out by all of us and carried out by Bunk, the Cult secy. All arrangements from booking the IITB tum tum till getting the map of the place uploaded in the mobile phones were enthusiastically done. Everyone was in full swing, least knowing what a real ‘trek’ meant. At least me.
The journey didn’t take too long and Mafia made it still shorter. We started off with a dish of poha at a rustic village house. It was my first non-trivial trek and I could feel the adrenalin pumping very soon. In the first hour of the trek, I imagined my plight at the end of the day. (Unfortunately, it was not so bad but for my sprained leg). In spite of sleeping at 3 after a football match and suffering from fever the previous night, Maji’s spirits in the trek were ebullient. The distance to the fort was at least 5 km. It was really an adventurous climb and at some places, a wrong foot would have meant sure death. I was the last one of our group to reach the fort but it was less due to my clumsy strength-to-weight ratio and more due to Ojas’ puffing and panting. Shashank’s tripod once again proved useful in taking a group photo.
The downward journey was swift and easy. I clicked quite some nice photos of our class on the way. The pics have been uploaded here on Picasa.

There were some noble deeds that I’d like to mention. Gappu collected some plastic waste littered on the fort peak and disposed it off. Also, we were offered a refund of Rs. 300 in return for the entrance tickets to the sanctuary. Proud to say, we set an example by not accepting the bribe from these crooks!

The last part of the picnic was unforgettable too. Mafia was being played in full swing. We continued the game even after getting off the bus. After it started drizzling in the field (IITB slang for football ground), we went to the girls’ hostel and continued Mafia there. This has turned out to be an addiction. Hopefully the class will continue to play it after the boring PDE classes!

Karnala Department trip