Last week, I returned from my native place. It is located at Pendur village, Malvan in Sindhudurga district of Maharashtra. The entire coastal strip Malvan, of Maharashtra is a place of scenic beauty. There are many breath-taking beaches and photogenic palm trees. Konkan is also famous for the Alphonso or the haapus mangoes. The only problem is that tourism has not yet been developed there (and perhaps, will never be)
Poor hygenic facilities, ancestral feuds and lack of infrastructure and communication facilities had made me stay away from my native place since my school days. So, I hardly recollected the place. Along with Pendur, we also visited Achra, Bhagwantgad and Sindhudurga fort at Malvan. The trip was fabulous as it gave a boost to my photography. Here are some of the clicks that I don’t think I have uploaded on my Flickr account.
The ‘chosen’ one
Sunset at Sindhudurga fort – I love the elegance. The sunset… It looks as if the sun is about to fall off the cliff…
 Edited using Google Picasa. One of my favourite macros.
Cute kid
Achra river
Does it remind of Swades movie?
The ‘chosen’ one, again!
Sunset. Here‘s one in a different setting.
Love the clouds.
Flora at its best !!
View from Bhagwantgad fort.
The next week, I am going to Mysore, so that means, some more photography!!
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