I couldn’t blog for a long time. The end-semester exam had kept me busy for almost a fortnight. Just after the exams, we all friends from the Mathematics department had been to Matheran on a trip. It turned out simply amazing. You can see the photographs on Amar’s blog here.

I was browsing my blog, reading the older posts. There is hardly any other joy than reading your own blog’s previous posts and comments on them. (Psst, does that hint anything?) I was reading about one of my very first posts written a day before joining L&T (you can read it here.), i.e. on 19th July, 07. Well, some dates just can’t be forgotten!

I was then confused, knowing not, what future had in for me. I didn’t know that one day, I would be able to pursue my dream and my ambition- my Mathematics. I didn’t even know what my dream was! But I knew that something was amiss. And I blogged this feeling, never thinking in my slightest dreams, that one day, I’d read it and smile! There was some strange gut-feeling in me, that possibly gave me the courage to take this decision of quitting L&T, pay the 2-lakh bond amount and start following my dream. 

And today, as I write this, I figure out that it all turned out right! Yes, it did! I really wanted to learn Mathematics. And my blog helped me a lot. Apart from the minuscule bliss it gives from reading your mind in the past, a blog can compare your past thoughts with your present. You can see the way you think. You can see the way you grow up.

So. I request you, my reader friend, to start your own blog. Its not for others to read, neither is it for collecting money via ads; its for you! Pour out your feelings on your blog when you are happy or when you are sad. And the future ‘you’ shall always look up to the present ‘you’ for having observed this feeling as it was then, and he shall derieve immense satisfaction in recollecting these memoirs!

PS: You will observe that the blog’s aesthetics have been slightly improved as there are no more silly ad’s now. This blog is for me!

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