This is about our Complex Analysis teacher. He is a very smart guy, a keen observer and an effective orator. This makes him one of the best teachers who ever taught me. Below is a small compilation of phrases frequently used by him. These phrases are, by no means, cooked up by him just to create some humour. But curiously, it turns out that they turn out to be the most humourous quotations ever made by any teacher!

  • Weierstrass says, “Use the power series!”  
  • During my Phd days, I used to correct Conway’s students’ exam papers. (Conway is his  PhD guide). I was young then, and used to write nasty comments on them. I recollect, one student had written something like “f is continuous @ a.” I had commented, “Is this @ Arabic or Chinese?”

  • And now, we are doing analysis, hard analysis, not just algebra. (on discussing the continuity of the Mobius transformation, after discussing its group structure)
  • We shall prove it by the end of the course. (About the homotopic version of Cauchy’s Theorem) If that is not possible, then I will prove it in the sequel to this course. But certainly I shall not die before proving this!
  • There is some bad news for us. The 27th has been declared a holiday. We are going to miss out 2 lectures then. (after some time: ) Why are there so many festivals in India? Already we have weekends. (If I were the prime minister,) I would have declared just 26th Jan as the only (non-trivial) holiday. Not even 15th Aug. (Thank God that you are not the Prime minister :))  )
  • I am sick of teaching Functional Analysis.
  • It is just high school geometry (concept). (spoken when teaching the winding number)
  • If you do not prove its analyticity, you’ll forever remain an algebraist, never an analyst. (I hate him for this one)
  • (Takes pride in saying that) There is no proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra which does not use Analysis. 
  • Let amath epsi endamath > 0. (with a pause)  More than half of my life, I have been doing this!
  • Conway doesn’t do it very well. He leaves it as an exercise. So we must do a clean job of it.
  • That sounds good to me! (when we offer a free slot for an extra lecture)
  • I shall give it as my first choice (about Analytic Functions, being taught in the next semester). Otherwise, they will offer some lousy course for me to teach.
  • One thing that I have learnt from Conway is that you can’t learn Mathematics without doing problems. (very true)  
  • Oh no, no, no! I don’t know what is a Cantor set! I know only elementary things. Cantor set is beyond me. 
  • But now, we have proved that every analytic function can be expressed as a power series. This is a good news!
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