You’ll miss the fun if you read further without seeing this video.

Its a commercial that Shashank told me to watch. Least did I know that one day, I would be the proud owner of it.

The ad shows a man riding a cruiser bike on the streets of Ladakh. A very cool music is played at the background. The man says, “I forgive” – cut- & a B&W scene – shown a man slapping someone – cut – “my father.” Continues riding, and thinks, “I forgive women” – cut again to a B&W scene – A girl in a bridal gown.  “I forgive my boss” – B&W scene of his boss throwing papers at him. “I forgive my boss.” While riding, he bumps into a pothole and we hear, “I forgive the government.” Goes on riding smoothly again. Cut again to his barber shaving him and back to him licking his upper lip which has a cut and saying, “I forgive my barber.” Further, another man is seen struggling with his bike. Our hero exclaims, “I forgive my past!”

His thought: “I feel like God.

Feel. That is the key. The rider has achieved a sense of Nirvana. His soul is liberated. His bike ride has made him feel so.

What an off-the-beaten-track ad! No engine piston, no shock absorber, no racing tyres and no wind shields. And of course, no cute kid, no sexy girl and no celebrity! Yet this ad stands out among millions others.

Indeed, it feels like God! Do test ride an Avenger and drop me a feedback!

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