One day, during lecture, I happened to get a phone call from my cousin brother. Chaitanya is a sweet little kid, around 10 years of age. Being in lecture, I couldn’t receive his call. 

Many a times, I get many a ‘mistake’ calls from my family and friends; since my name is generally first in the Contacts’ list and happens to get dialed unintentionally. It happens especially if they leave their keypads unlocked. (Many a messages have been dutifully (and wrongly) delivered to me, thanks to erroneous and hasty pressing of the cellphone keys!)

It could also happen to be a prank of his, you never know.. 

Or it could be some complaint of his, about his mom, my aunt, forcing him to eat something or drink milk or whatever.

But it was none of this… Some time later, I again got a call from him. I picked the call (of course, the lecture was over) and heard Chaitanya on the other side: “Hello, दादा?”
Me: “Hello Chaitanya, kasa ahes tu?”
Without replying to my question, he bounced back: “दादा Bluetooth ON कर ना! मला Mario चा ringtone हवाय..”

I was dumbstuck! How did this ten year old know about bluetooth protocol?

I talked to my aunt and she told me, that this kid learnt the bluetooth thing in his school and neighbourhood!

Oh my God! I recollect, at his age, I used to mug “A computer is an electronic device that does calculation.. blah.. blah..” Hell, even SMSes didn’t exist them! If I were asked what a bluetooth is, at his age, I would have sincerely believed it got something to do with blue and tooth! The world is certainly moving fast!!

I wondered what reply of mine would satisfy him.. 

Finally, I told him, “अरे, इतक्या लाम्ब range नाही पकडत, मी तुझ्या घरी आलो की देइन”

He hung up, a little happy, a little sad!

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