Problem: This problem is rich in concept in spite of so less material. White to play and win.
Solution: The obvious 1. h8=Q is refuted by 1…a1=Q! so that 2. Qxa1?? is stalemate. Apparently, under-promotion will also not work here. In fact, after promotion white can try 2. Qe8 but his hopes of a win are shattered by 2…Qh7 whence the White king cannot come to the seventh rank. Correct move for white is 2. Qg8!! 2…Qa2 3.Qe8! 3…Qa4. The game is not over yet! There are still some surprises. (The position deserves a picture: )
4. Qe5! Now black is forced to play 4…Ka8 (Of course, 2. Qe5? is not possible because of 2…Qxe5)And now 5. Qh8 will solve all white’s problems as 6. Kd7++ and 6. Ke7++ are both threatened and 5…Qa1 is met by 6. Qxa1+ which is clearly not stalemate.
I hope the readers will enjoy this theme!
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