Today, I went for servicing my Avenger. I showed up there at about 9.10 am. My time was supposed to be 9 am. 10 min late. This cost me three-bikes-servicing time. I was told to wait as there were previous day’s vehicles pending to get attention. It proved to be a long long wait. I had almost finished Galois’ Theory by then. The Mirror and TOI were read and re-read. Twice, the junk-foodie in me woke up and had to be pacified with misal-pav, vada-pav and fanta.

At last, after 7 (seven) eternal hours, the servicing was done. (It seemed सात जन्म though!)

I looked at my shining bike. Its steel body polished like the-other-side-of-a-newly-purchased-and-first-time-opened-DVD. I cruised back home. Gears shifted smoothly like a hot knife through butter. I could ride like this for eternities. With a good (looking) pillion, I could ride for two eternities. (Kidding!) There were, but, very few bikers who overtook me. I could have easily accelerated and sped past them. But something in me prevented me doing this. I was reluctant to transform this cruise into a race. I didn’t want to prove my biking skills to anyone. I just wanted to cruise. Relish every bit of this dream ride. Feel the air going through my body.

I felt… like God!

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