It was the first day of this semester. I was on my way to college. I was speeding through the Eastern express highway on my Avenger. 

At the Vikhroli-Jogeshwari link road signal, I saw a man symbolizing for a lift. He seemed to be a carpenter or an electrician. Some worker, perhaps. I had heard of highway robbers who ask for lifts from bikers and pick their pockets or worse, loot them point blank. Yet I decided to take chance. I don’t know what went through my mind, but I decided to offer him a lift. The look on his face must have been a pathetic one. 

I rode through the village of Kanjur marg. The guy received a phone call. The way he answered it, it seemed from his boss. He assured the boss, that he would reach Jogeshwari by another half-an-hour. He tried to convince him, that the work would be completed today. Seems he got a firing for being late. Though I looked forward, I could imagine the look on his face. Hell, he knew even a chopper wouldn’t take him in half hour. 

I thought of the problems a common man faces. He has to struggle everywhere. Be it job, be it transport or be it the drudgery of survival. A human is no more a resource. He has a stomach to feed. God forbid, more than one stomachs. He is a liability. I don’t want such a huge population. Oh, God, I want India to flourish with its talent and resources. Is it possible? In my lifetime?

As I neared IIT, with a to-be lighter bike and a heavier heart, I told him, “अभी उतरो. मुझे यहीं जाना है…”

Why was IIT not at Jogeshwari?

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