This is about one of my bosom friends, Ameya. I wish to share his thoughts and opinions although there is nothing personal. He represents an ordinary Indian student (though his scholastic achievements will make you believe he is a super-genius). So, I am sharing this with the belief that knowing him may strike a chord of familiarity in you.

I have known Ameya since our college days. He was a fine young lad, with a mind filled with immense curiosity to know things. That he had been a merit ranker had nothing to do with this thirst for knowledge.

In the college, we would discuss many interesting things. Our topics ranged anywhere from simple arithmetic tricks to ‘good’ music et al. I remember, some time, he had read about the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, and was excited to tell me young Gauss’ achievements in arithmetic, algebra and physics. 

He had the habit of not sitting comfortable if some concept was not clear. I still remember the trouble he had taken to learn “constructors” in C++ and the pain he took to teach it to me! And we had spent almost a day in understanding that integration and differentiation are opposite processes. 

Of course one can imagine the smile on our faces after the problem was sorted out!

Ameya had a fire in him. A hunger. A drive to learn new things.

And at last, the inevitable happened. Ameya took up Engineering as his career (both of us were in different colleges, which meant that we could only meet once in a while). Now, every time I met him, I could see his curiosity diminishing. He was getting more and more disinterested in studies. Study was only for marks, and marks were only a social appreciation index. 

Now he has completed his engineering with flying colours and has a respectable job in a software company. But he has decided to pursue higher studies in the US. 

I’m eager to see if the MS degree will rekindle his old interest in science. Only time can tell…