I am not a genius. Neither am I a prodigy. In spite of standing on the shoulder of giants, I’m still a pygmy. Its very unlikely that there will be some theorem in my name. Still more unlikely that I’d ever solve an open problem. Just learning and mastering some algebraic techniques doesn’t make you a good mathematician, does it?
So why do I do maths? Why? 
(It reminds me of the movie The Matrix Revolutions wherein Agent Smith asks Neo, “Why fight, Mr Anderson when you know you are going to lose… Why, Mr. Anderson? Why?” Neo replies-just as I reply-)
“Because I choose to.”
Its not the hope that one day my biography as a mathematician will get published, but it is the kick that I get after mastering a theorem, that I have decided to pursue maths. 
I hope that I die before this fire in me dies. Hope I never succumb to the boredom arising out of not enjoying maths. 
Hope is always there!