This is one of my experiences that I would like to share with you.
During my school days, I had a pretty close friend named Himesh (name changed to protect identity 😛 ). He was a smart chap,  with a developed mental faculty for scientific experimenting. We used to engage ourselves in discussing physics problems or inventing a better design for the school project model or some other challenging task. I still remember the way he proved the sine rule in class X. The construction of the diameter of the circumcircle through one vertex of the triangle was fabulous. Any comparison between both of us (on parameters of innovation) would certainly place me below him.
Although I was academically stronger. At least the report card said so. 
I don’t remember the exact turn of events which led to the following, but what happened was, as I recollect it now, something like this:
Somebody was criticizing Himesh’s dad about some thing, perhaps his studies (well, he was not very meticulous in studies) or may be something else, I don’t remember, but then I came to the scene and told that chap- “Don’t bother talking about Himesh! I know who he is!”
This was in front of Himesh’s dad, who had a numbing effect of my words. He never ever forgot those words. Since he sincerely believed in me as a honest, (perhaps) smart and hard-working person, he started believing in his son’s ability. He started to pamper his son. Though he was not very affluent, he started spending a lot of money extravagantly on his son. Himesh soon got a brand new PC with a supercomputer configuration – a graphics card whose memory could match that of my RAM’s, a flat screen monitor with width as that of my home television a super duper woofer and God knows what else. Very soon the brat got a Playstation. The last time I visited his home, he was demanding a guitar and wanted to go to some guitar class. His dad would meet every eccentric demand of his.
I haven’t met him since many years. The last time I saw him, he had completed his engineering and was job-hunting. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realise the way his dad juggles in making both ends meet and meeting his ever-increasing demands. But even today, his dad has immense faith in him. He believes that his son has got the potential to be a great person.
I wonder if this faith is due to me. I wonder if things would be different, better, had I not intervened in that discussion. And I wonder if this kid would ever empathise his father!