As I write this, the 7th game of the World Chess Championship, 2008, is in progress. Vishwanathan Anand is on his way to win his World Championship title against Vladimir Kramnik. Six games have been completed so far, out of which Anand has won three and drawn three. 

Grandmasters say that a comeback for Kramnik is very unlikely. Even in a possible tie, the tiebreaker round is a lightning one, and will be strongly in favour of Anand, who is known for his rapid style of play.
One surprising feature of the battle of this duo is that Anand has adopted totally new style of opening. He was arguably one of the best Ruy Lopez players in the world. But to the surprise of the chess fraternity, he didn’t open with the King pawn. He chose the defensive 1. d4 that is, the Queen pawn opening. And by winning the first three games (I hope he wins more games till the end of the tourney) he showed the depth of his preparation. Most usually, Slav defense and Nimzo-Indian defense have been played with Anand beating Kramnik with ease. In all the games, Anand had beaten the Russian on time. All Kramnik’s blunders have been in acute time shortage. This is a good indication, as one would naturally want the more ‘power’ful player to win.

Right now, the match is in progress. The position seems favourable to White (Anand) but i predict a draw. Wait and watch.