Bravery is all that counts in life. But a brave person is a brave person because he went a step further than where the coward stopped and gave up. You hardly need guts to be brave; it is your mindset at the point of yielding that decides your bravery.

Mathematics is all about bravery. You are given a problem and apparently, you stand no chance of solving it by yourself. Now, you have only two solutions: either curse the problem (or your luck) OR take a pen-paper and write the next possible step. If you believe me to be a sound mathematician, then believe me when i say, that (in most of the times, though unfortunately not always,) it is this step that is going to make you a winner. Not only concerning this (petty) problem, but in real life.

It is the pen and paper that makes you feel a winner. It is the extra determination at the point-of-giving-up that gives the feel of triumph.

Finally, do not worry about your problems in mathematics; I assure you that mine are greater.